For Patients, Family and Carers

Make it count when it’s time to count.

We listened and we can help

We asked people who had recently lost a loved one to cancer, to share their stores with us.

We paid attention to their stories. After listening to all their challenges, struggles, frustrations, questions, uncertainty, and heartbreak we realised the magnitude of the problem. They were unequipped for death, and it cost them.

We asked them what would have made it easier and they unanimously said a resource on dying so we provided “Death, Dying and Donuts”.

If you need to know about dying, then this is the only book you need to read. Dr Colin Dicks explains death: why we must die, why it hurts to die, what happens after we die and how to tick all the boxes before we die. This is an easy book to digest, and he leaves room for donuts.

Don’t be caught out get Death, Dying and Donuts today. It comes with our money-back promise.
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For Patients, Family and Carers 1
For Patients, Family and Carers 1

The importance of teamwork

When it comes to dying and facing the end of life, most people think they can manage on their own. They believe that they need to be strong. Showing emotion may be viewed as a weakness, and talking about death is an absolute NO.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to experiencing and measuring  stress, nothing scores higher than facing illness and death. This is not a time to be a superhero, it is a time to get help.

We strongly encourage teamwork when the proverbial brown stuff is hitting the fan. We have a lot of good tips in Death, Dying and Donuts but this may not be enough.

Please reach out to your doctor, priest, mentor, friend, therapist or the guy next door. Don’t do dying on your own. We are here to listen.

The power of sharing

When the pressure builds, you need to let off steam.

Talking does the world of good. Getting it off your chest is essential to good emotional health*. We can’t always confide in those we love and trust: they may not always understand and the things we say may not always be kind. 

*Opening up, Dr James Pennebaker

We get you. We are here to listen, to absorb the blows and to celebrate the wins. Please feel free to share your wildest thoughts, stories, frustrations, and emotions with us. Don’t worry, you secret is safe with us.

For Patients, Family and Carers 1

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As a registered charity, we provide death education so that people can plan for life and the end of life.