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Our Motivation

Dying to understand was established to provide death education.

Our research* shows that people ignorant about dying and ultimately death and that this lack of understanding is costly. The research concluded with a call to action to provide death education to equip people for the end-of-life journey.

We have put together essential resources to point you in the right direction when it comes to dying. We hope to provide more with your support.

About us

Dying to understand was started by Dr Colin Dicks. As an oncologist he has many end-of-life conversations and as part of the “conversation” completed a MSc (palliative medicine) researching education around death and dying.

His research showed that most people are unprepared for the difficult process of dying and that this ignorance comes with at a cost.

Dying to understand is an attempt to provide death education so that people can have a better death and ultimately a better life.

As a registered Charity, “Dying to understand” is subject to regulation by the ACNC and complies with the governance requirements of a registered charity. 

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About Us 2
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What we do

We create educational material to empower those who are affected by dying: be they patients, carers, health professionals or simply interested people.

Our finances

We rely on donations to exist.

Your contribution will allow us to create more content, better content and promote death education.

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About Us 2
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Our vision

To provide death education that is easy to understand and easy to digest.

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As a registered charity, we provide death education so that people can plan for life and the end of life.

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